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White Cane Walk

01 Jul 2015

It was bright and comfortable the morning of December 5, as everyone was gathering in the Capitol Rotunda to begin the annual “White Cane Walk for 2014”. Although the walk had been postponed from its original date in October due to Hurricane Ana, everyone that morning was full of energy and ready to roll! The light pink “Walk” t-shirts added just the right touch for our unity.
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The Lions Club Celebrate Christmas

29 Jun 2015

Wow, what a Christmas party the LCH celebrated at Tsukiji’s, at Ala Moana Center.
Dinner there will be long remembered. Coordinated by our ex-officio chairperson, Jeanne Liu, whose picture appears below, things that went on during our delicious dinner included PDG Bernard installing Mel Kong as a new member, bad jokes by “yours truly,” our Leo advisors Lions Jeanne Ota and Gayle Pai and President Bill keeping things running smoothly.

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